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In this area of law, Norman Pickell


prepares wills for clients

provides estate planning advice to clients

Thinking about a will can be scary for some people. Others become overwhelmed with all of the information that they think they need to gather together before meeting with their lawyer. For a General Information Form that Norman Pickell has prepared that you can complete and take to your lawyer, please click here.
Norman Pickell has also prepared a Will Instruction Form that you can print, fill out and take to your lawyer. Please click here for a copy.

To see a list of the duties of an Estate Trustee (formerly known as an "Executor"), please click here.

For information on organ and tissue donations, please click here.

Leaving a portion of your estate to a charity is something you may want to consider. Please click here for more information on Charities.

For those of you wanting more information about funerals and the pre-planning of them, please click here

Sometimes in estate planning it is advantageous to have two separate wills, being a Primary Will and a Secondary Will. These types of wills are much more complex than your average basic will. Among other things it is important to make sure that one does not revoke the other.

For families who have a special needs child, a "Henson Trust" may be the answer.

These are just some of the matters to be discussed with your lawyer.

This web site has links to a lot of information on wills and estate planning. To see all of those links, please click here. The curious will want to check out the site that lets you read the wills of people like Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Walt Disney. Those of you who think that drafting a will is so easy that you can use a "will kit" may want to check out the "Will Drafting Tips" site. And for those of you who need to lighten up a bit, be sure to read the will of Flat Broke!

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