Norman Pickell's Mediation Practice


Norman Pickell is qualified to act as a mediator for conflicts in many areas, including the following:

  agricultural disputes;
  business and corporate conflicts involving partners, shareholders, directors, family members and suppliers;
  child protection - CAS - matters;
  community disputes;
  contract disputes;
  debtor creditor disputes;
  employer employee conflicts;
  environmental issues;
  estates, including conflicts among beneficiaries and the estate trustees;
  family law, including parenting plans, custody, access, spousal support, child support, property issues and equalizations, and variation claims;
  health care issues;
  insurance claims;
  labour disputes;
  land use issues;
  landlord and tenant conflicts, including residential, commercial, farm and recreational property leases;
  malpractice claims;
  marital issues;
  marriage contract disputes;
  neighbourhood disputes;
  personal injury claims;
  power of attorney disputes;
  real estate and property conflicts;
  school and other education conflicts;
  seniors issues, including disputes concerning the care of the elderly;
  separation agreement disputes;
  trust disputes, including conflicts among the trustees and the beneficiaries of the trust;
  workplace conflicts.

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