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Estate Disputes - Zutter
In "Estates Disputes Ideal for Mediation," Deborah Lynn Zutter, highlights why mediation is a natural for estate conflicts and misunderstandings.

Estate Mediation - Onyett
An article by Marsha Onyett, a mediator and estate lawyer, on the advantages of mediation in estate matters.

Estate Mediation - Pickell
In "Estate Mediation," Norman Pickell points out the advantages of using mediation to resolve estate disputes.

Mandatory Mediation
Public information notice from the Ontario Attorney General on mandatory mediation in estate matters.

Mediation in Estates - Larsen
"Mediation in Today's Estate Settlement World," by Rikk Larson, summarizes some of the benefits of using mediation in settling estates.

Mediation of Estates - Green
"Mediation of Estates, Trusts, and Probate Cases," by Susan Green, highlights how mediation can be effective in estate and probate cases.

Probate Mediation
This article entitled "Mediating Probate Disputes" written by Susan Gary for the American Bar Association highlights the use of mediation in estate disputes.

Rule 75.1
What the Rule that mandates mediation in estates actually says.

Trustee - Beneficiary Mediation 
An article by John Gromala and David Gage on how mediation can be helpful to both Trustees and Beneficiaries.


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