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Clearance Certificate
This Information Circular from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly
Revenue Canada) explains why every Estate Trustee needs to obtain a Clearance Certificate before completing distribution of an estate.

Clearance Certificate - Asking
This is the Application Form that the Estate Trustee uses to apply for a Clearance Certificate from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Death Certificate
Information from the Ontario Government on how to obtain a death certificate. 

Estate Accounts- Written by Norman B. Pickell  
What the Estate Trustee needs to do to prepare the Estate Accounts.

Estate Disputes - Zutter
In "Estates Disputes Ideal for Mediation," Deborah Lynn Zutter, highlights why mediation is a natural for estate conflicts and misunderstandings.

Estate Mediation Information
Norman Pickell has compiled lots more information on estate mediation.

Estate Mediation - Onyett
An article by Marsha Onyett, a mediator and estate lawyer, on the advantages of mediation in estate matters.

Estate Mediation - Pickell
In "Estate Mediation," Norman Pickell points out the advantages of using mediation to resolve estate disputes.

Estate Trustee and Estate Lawyer - Written by Norman B. Pickell
Duties of Estate Trustee & what is expected of an Estate Trustee (formerly known as the "Executor") and Duties of Estate Lawyer what is expected of the Estate Lawyer.

Estate Trustees - Responsibilities and Compensation
This article, written by James Gilmore, an estate lawyer in Alliston, Ontario, outlines the duties and obligations of the Estate Trustee (formerly known as the "Executor"), discusses how the Estate Trustee's compensation is calculated and highlights some of the rights of the beneficiaries.

Information on funerals.

Income Tax - Canada
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada) provides information here about what to do regarding income tax returns following death.

Indian Act - Estates - B.C. CLE
"Estates Under the Indian Act" provides information when dealing with the estates of First Nations people.

Indian Act - Estates - Indian Estates Regulations
The Indian Estates Regulations (Canada) provide the framework for dealing with the estates of First Nations people.

Mandatory Mediation
For information on how mandatory mediation applies to estate matters, please
click here and go to "Mandatory Mediation (Ontario).

Manitoba - Estate Matters
Information from Manitoba's Justice Department on what happens when there is a death in the family.

Survivor Benefits - Canada
Information from the Government of
Canada on Canada Pension Plan Survivor Benefits.

Survivor Benefits - U.S.A. United States Social Security Survivor Benefits
Information from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Trustee - Beneficiary Mediation
An article by John Gromala and David Gage on how mediation can be helpful to both Trustees and Beneficiaries.



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