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Business Succession Planning - Pickell
In "Business Succession Planning," Norman Pickell discusses the topics that the owner of a business needs to think about when preparing for retirement from the business, whether the business is a farm, a store, a restaurant, a machine shop, or some other type of business.

Estate Planning - Checklist for Farm Families
The Estate Planning Checklist for Farm Families, published by the Agriculture Departments of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, provide information on the transfer of the family farm.

Estate Planning - "Fair versus Equal"
While this excellent article entitled "Fair Versus Equal - What Do Parents Owe Their Children?" is directed to farmers, it is equally applicable to all business owners and addresses issues having to do with retirement, passing the business to the next generation and estate planning.

Estate Planning - Family Business - Bachle
In "Estate Planning and Family Business Mediation," Laura Bachle describes the advantages of members of a family business retaining a mediator to assist in estate planning and resolving disputes that arise in a family business.

Estate Planning - Mediation - Hull
The pre-estate family conference process, which is used to prevent estate-related disputes later, is explained. In addition to reading what is written, be sure to watch the video which is accessed through "Hull Estate Mediation TV."

Family Farm - Succession Planning - BDO
"Succession Planning for the Family Farm," by BDO Dunwoody LLP, provides information for succession planning of family farms.

Farm Succession - Farmcentre
This site is for use by farmers and their accountants, lawyers and others who provide advice to their farm clients.

Farm Succession Planning Steps And Checklist - OMAF
"Farm Succession Planning Steps And Checklist" by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, provides a list of do's and don'ts to start the thought process on farm succession planning.

Farm Transfer
"The Farm Transfer: Talking and Planning with Your Family" is prepared by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives.

Farm Transfer and Estate Planning - American Farmland Trust
A Fact Sheet entitled "Farm Transfer and Estate Planning" from the Farmland Information Center of American Farmland Trust.

Mediation in Estate Planning - Gromala
"The Use of Mediation in Estate Planning," by John Gromala, describes how mediation can be used in some types of estate planning situation such as when there is family business.

Mediation in Estate Planning - Rubenstein
"Creating Certainty for Your Client: Using Mediation in Estate Planning," by Judith Rubenstein and Christopher Jones points out the benefits of using mediation in estate planning, particularly when one of the assets is a business.

Next Generation and Family Business
In her article "Making it Easier to Manage the Transition of a Family Business to the Next Generation," Patricia Lane provides the starting point to preserve the relationships and build the future that family business leaders so often dream of creating.

Preventing Second and Third Generation Business Failure
"Prevent Family Business Failure Through Dialogue," by Richard Yocum, shows the advantages of using a facilitator/mediator when families transfer businesses from one generation to another.

Shareholders Agreement - Olleck
"Use a Shareholders Agreement to Protect Your Estate," by Sucha Ollek, describes the advantages of a shareholders agreement when it comes to estate planning.

Succession in Place - Rozell
"Succession in Place," by JP Jay Rozell, points out why every business should have a succession plan in place at all times

Succession Planning - Collins Barrow
"Succession Planning," by Collins Barrow, starts to scratch the surface of succession planning issues.

Succession Planning - Family Business - BDO
"Succession Planning for Family Businesses," by BDO Dunwoody LLP, provides information for succession planning of family businesses.



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