Estate Administration


In this area of law, Norman Pickell

  provides legal advice to Estate Trustees (formerly called "Executors") in the administration of estates
  prepares estate accounts
  attends in court for the passing (approval) of estate accounts
  is involved with the interpretation of wills
  provides legal advice to Beneficiaries in estates
  sets up trusts
  acts as the Estate Trustee in certain situations
It is the goal of the firm to settle all matters in an estate as quickly as possible. In most cases, this can be done within six to nine months after the death of the Testator. Sometimes waiting for the Clearance Certificate from Revenue Canada can prolong matters. But even while waiting for the Clearance Certificate, an interim distribution can usually be done. Of course, there are situations where complications arise and matters are delayed.

To learn more about what the Estate Trustee does and what the Estate Lawyer does in the administration of an estate, please click here to see a List of Duties which was prepared by Norman Pickell.

To find out what the Estate Trustee (formerly known as the "Executor") needs to do to prepare the Estate Accounts, please click here

Disputes often occur among family members and other beneficiaries over someone's will. Mediation is an excellent way to resolve these types of disputes. If you would like to read an article on the advantages of mediation in estate matters, please click here

For other information on estate administration, including Clearance Certificates and Survivor Benefits, please click here.


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