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Business Succession Planning
In "Business Succession Planning," Norman Pickell discusses the topics that the owner of a business needs to think about when preparing for retirement from the business, whether the business is a farm, a store, a restaurant, a machine shop, or some other type of business.
Die Without a Will
In "If I Die Without a Will," Norman Pickell lists the consequences for a person living in Ontario who dies without a will, including the fact that the cost to administer such an estate is greater than the cost of making a will.
Harmony in the Family – Pickell
In “Mediation: Harmony in the Family,” Norman Pickell talks about how you can have a better relationship with one or more of your family members, whether that be a parent, sister, brother or child.
Mediation for Seniors
In "Mediation for Seniors," Norman Pickell shows how mediation can benefit all members of the family when issues affecting seniors need to be discussed. Elder mediation focuses on what is best for mom or dad while at the same time minimizing family conflict.
Personal Care Attorney - Duties and Responsibilities
In "Duties and Responsibilities of Attorney for Personal Care, Norman Pickell, a lawyer based in Goderich, Ontario, highlights the duties and responsibilities of the Attorney for Personal Care - Health Care - under the Ontario legislation.
Seniors - Mediation
"Mediation: What's in it for Seniors - and their Families," by Norman Pickell, highlights the advantages for Seniors (and their families) of using mediation.

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