Advantages of Mediation

allows the parties to create their own solution
provides greater satisfaction for the parties
less expensive than litigation

preserves relationships between the parties (which is very important when the conflict involves people such as parents, children, other family members, fellow employees, business relationships, neighbours)

parties can choose their mediator, whereas they cannot choose their judge in litigation
faster than litigation in resolving disputes
can be done at times and places more convenient to the parties
less adversarial than litigation
less stressful than litigation
private - that means it does not become a public record and the public does not attend

Norman Pickell has written an article entitled In Family Law, How is Mediation Different from a Settlement Meeting? His article was published by the Canadian Bar Association (Ontario Branch) and has been reproduced on several web sites in Canada and the United States. The article shows how both children and adults can benefit from mediation in a family law dispute. Please click here to read the article. Norman has also written an article entitled "Child Support and Mediation" which the Canadian Bar Association (Ontario Branch) has published. Please click here to read that article.

Marsha Onyett, a mediator and estate lawyer, has written an excellent article on the advantages of using mediation in conflicts involving trustees and beneficiaries of estates. To read it, please click here.

For lots of reading material on how mediation can benefit business, commercial and corporate conflicts, please click here and then look under Business Mediation.

Of course, mediation is an ideal way for resolving conflicts in the workplace. To read some of the mediation material in this area, please click here.

Mediation is becoming more popular as a way to resolve conflict in our education system. Click here to find out what the advantages of mediation are in those situations.

For information on Norman Pickell's Mediation Practice click here.

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